Speak English, please! (Preved!)

Тема в разделе "English only!", создана пользователем microlab, 15 янв 2007.

  1. Orange

    Orange Старожил

    There are a couple of ontholigical questions I find fascinating.

    First: “language and onthology”.
    In particular, what compelled a Russian speaker to revive an English-language necrothread on a Russian-speaking forum, and why the variety of the topics, discussed in Russian here elsewhere didn’t seem complex enough. Is that a lingiustical or onthological problem?

    Second: “the meaning of freedom” :D
  2. sshone

    sshone Форумчанин

    The meaning of freedom to register on the forum, where there is a topic in English and speak English. Such is freedom in Holland?
    This is true and ontologically.
  3. Orange

    Orange Старожил

    “Cold-blooded murder of the English tongue...”

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  4. sshone

    sshone Форумчанин

    How did you get the word “necrothreat’ ”in the spirit of Phrom? Interesting and toxic ...
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    You feel bad?
  5. Tima

    Tima Старожил

    Вспомнилось, за мааафия:
  6. Orange

    Orange Старожил

    Diagnostic scan complete.
    Your patch can be downloaded here.

    Рекомендую к перманентному бану.

    Have a nice second life! :D
  7. Orange

    Orange Старожил

    На мотив НС: "Онтолоооогия! Это онтолооооогия!"

  8. valeria

    valeria Аксакал

  9. MaceWindu

    MaceWindu Новичок

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  10. Natalya Shevchenko

    Natalya Shevchenko Старожил

  11. sshone

    sshone Форумчанин

    I call the higher world imperishable

    World kneeling is slow,
    Unhurried that old man in his carriage,
    Moderation on the porch of the universe
    Do not detract from the riot of black paint.

    And it seems, here I look at the sky,
    That in the black night
    The moon is bitten by that piece of bread
    Or brilliant under the silver prom coin.

    Scattered with treacherous brilliantin
    Bundles, passing through someone's life - strings,
    Through the darkness reaching the top of the picture
    The remnants of prairie on salmon piercing.

    Apotheosis - those actions on the arena!
    From the pathos of the great formidable essence,
    Burning mound that fallen wood,
    Holy destiny in the halo of turbidity.

    Last minute and ashes rule here
    On the holiday insidiously small
    Where the motley clown rules on the arena
    Falsetto hysterical cry.

    Everything remains, poor planet,
    Everlastingly going on the universe
    You clear the role of the poet today,
    Fireman wash you foam.

    Planet - the continuation of the universe,
    Oh, people, can not stand the heart?
    I call the higher world imperishable
    And the good God opens the door.

    sshone 050219 14-12-07

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