Speak English, please! (Preved!)

Тема в разделе "English only!", создана пользователем microlab, 15 янв 2007.

  1. microlab

    microlab Новичок

    Why are you speaking anywhere in Russian and not speaking in English here?

    If you have a little time we could speak on different themes.
    From flowers, knitting to cars, girls and soon. There is only one rule: speak English.

    Let's start together speak English.

    Where can I buy knitting things? (knitting needles, yarn)
    Or where can I buy things for woodworking? (carver, dry wood)

    When I was a child I worked with wood and now I wish to do it again.
    Can you help me?
    Or maybe do you need help?

    I think it's enough for first post in English section.

  2. Anna

    Anna Аксакал

    We are speaking in Russian here (I mean, at this forum) because we are speaking in English or Dutch almost anywhere else...

    You can buy needlework products in a number of places, e.g. in department stores like Zeeman or HEMA, or in specialized shops (but then it will be more expensive).

    For woodworking, try Gamma, Praxis and Karwei...

    Note: If you want English forums in NL, you can also give www.expatica.com and www.expatforums.org a try...
  3. Peter

    Peter Старожил

    > Let's start together speak English.
    А толку-то? :)
  4. marshaal

    marshaal Аксакал

    Re: Let's start together speak English.
    start together speak bad C++
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  5. kosta

    kosta Аксакал

    браво! :D
  6. baolni

    baolni Новичок

    I fully agree with Anna. If you are not in native-speaking country, you are to speak their languages. But sometimes person wants to speak his or her mother tongue. Moreover there is always possibility to forgot your own language if you don't use it - at first you can forgot words - as well as with other languages. Don't use it - can't speak. That is why people here and everywhere, I suppose, prefer to speak Russian.
  7. Valerik

    Valerik Форумчанин

    Вай нот. Ту май аппинион ит из ризонобал пропосал. Фром нау он ай вилл спик Иглиш он зис борд.
  8. Anna

    Anna Аксакал

    Should I put a stop to this massacre of the innocents?.. :au:

    "You live with us, you gotta get green like us" :rsleep: ©Toad Mother, Tumbelina
  9. Alex Zimarev

    Alex Zimarev Старожил

    I don't write in English here since I've got too much Dunglish around me already. "We are speaking in Russian anywhere" is more than enough for an emetic reflex.
  10. kosta

    kosta Аксакал

    English? Fo' shizzle ma' nizzle! :D

  11. Peter

    Peter Старожил

    Alex Zimarev
    > I don't write in English here
    Опа... значит у мя имеет место быть зрительная галлюцинация? ;)
  12. sshone

    sshone Форумчанин

    Hello, I am from Russia, I study English, I will be glad to communicate on complex topics.
  13. Tima

    Tima Старожил

    Вряд ли это тут получится
  14. Orange

    Orange Старожил

    Ну почему же.
    Любите ли вы Брамса Нравится ли вам онтология?
  15. sshone

    sshone Форумчанин

    Brahms? Not enough, however, Mozart.
    Ontology? Of course.
  16. sshone

    sshone Форумчанин

    Tima, there is always another option.
  17. Orange

    Orange Старожил

    Elaborate, please. :)
  18. sshone

    sshone Форумчанин

    Would you like to hear the philosophical or metaphysical aspect of ontology?
  19. Orange

    Orange Старожил

    The former.
  20. sshone

    sshone Форумчанин

    Is it not difficult for you to disclose your question on ontology (the former) in more detail, if it really interests you?
    And I will answer you with pleasure.

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