Тема в разделе "English only!", создана пользователем Anna, 3 фев 2005.

  1. Anna

    Anna Аксакал

    Welcome to the forum for English speakers at IMHO.

    IMHO is a set of forums created by, and for, the Russian-speaking expats who currently live (and, a significant part of them, work) in the Netherlands. If you do not speak Russian but you are interested (or, at least, curious) in what is going on here, feel free to ask...
  2. Yaroslav Blanter

    Yaroslav Blanter Новичок

    Did you get any special requests to open this topic? It is hard for me to imagine someone who does not speak Russian and still wants to have an access to the Russian-speaking NL community (except for a girlfriend-search :) ) .
  3. kosta

    kosta Аксакал

    Girlfriend-search might actually be a nice way to make money on this site for its owners ;) So why not?
  4. Anna

    Anna Аксакал

    No, this was not the idea. But there were non-Russian speaking people coming here, and they were interested in what is going on at this site. Or do you think that the only people who might come here are the people looking for (so called) GF's? Of all places, this one would be a least suitable...
  5. Alexey

    Alexey Аксакал

    I also doubt that this will be a popular forum :)
  6. Anna

    Anna Аксакал

    Let's think about it as an implementation placeholder :alien2:
  7. Serious

    Serious Новичок

    The idea of Anna is rather good. I know some Dutch who really interested with this site - when I told them that I found proper information about different questions here.
  8. Guest

    Guest Гость

    I'm looking for the author of the Search on IMDB extension for the Firefox web browser.

    Are you (Anna) the author?


  9. vss

    vss Новичок

    You've got to the right place! ;)

    # Mozilla Search Plugin for IMDB - The Internet Movie Database
    # by Aaron Bronow <adwb.no-ip.com>
    # Original source by Yoav Ben-Yaar <yoav_by at hotmail dot com>
    # Last updated: 20 April, 2004 by Aaron Bronow <adwb.no-ip.com>

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