Wanted: Russians who watch tv-soaps (Wanted: Russians who watch tv-soaps)

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  1. I'm a student Cultural Anthropology at the University Utrecht. For an assignment for school I am researching why the Latin-American tv-soaps are also populair in places like Africa and Russia.
    For this assignment I'm looking for a few Russian persons who watch tv-soaps to interview. The interview will only take about 30 minutes and can be arranged in your hometown at a time you prefer.

    If you are willing to participate please let me know as soon as possible. The interviews will take place before April 10th. Thank you very much!

    Best regards,

    Lilian van de Weerd
    email address: chicalilian@gmail.com
  2. ncux

    ncux Админ

    Dear Lilian,

    Are you really planning on going to Russia for the interviews? :)
    Because I doubt any russians, who live in Holland actually watch this crap :))))
  3. Anna

    Anna Аксакал

    Do not scare the poor girl... she is the one who has to actually work for the grant which her prof has won :)
  4. YuKa

    YuKa Форумчанин

    Dear Lilian,
    It's been a while since my last soap opera experience, but I remember it like it was yesterday :) Watching soap next to my grandmother while drinking our morning tea..I cherish these moments :) I could help you with your research, I live in Utrecht.
  5. okser

    okser Старожил

    Let me guess...Izaura the slave? (Rabynja Izaura?) Was it a soap, btw? :)
  6. elena sokolova

    elena sokolova Аксакал

    Something like "Isaura, who is also crying, and her second mother?"

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