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  1. moNkaD8

    moNkaD8 Новичок

    Please help.
    Somebody travelled across Russia? How There?
    I Am going to go here, advise, what route is better for choosing? Of what agency to take advantage? On the internet it is a lot of sites offering these services (ad is removed, etc.), but it were would be desirable to hear opinion of people which already there.
  2. Peter

    Peter Старожил


    Well, the route depends on your interests. A typical tourist will visit Moscow, S-Petersburg and perhaps the "Golden ring".
    An atypical :) tourist can go to Kamchatka or Yakutia ;) for example.

    I wasn't a tourist in Russia and don't know anything about the Russian travel agencies but I assume that you can save some money if you will arrange everything yourself. On other hand this needs some knowledge of Russia and a bit more difficult. And slightly risky too.

    Can you understand Russian and read cyrillic letters?
  3. Rus

    Rus Старожил

    remark: we aren't there yet, we're still here.
    note: you're on the ground of HER MAJESTY QUEEN BEATRIX OF THE NETHERLANDS.
  4. rusjpnl

    rusjpnl Старожил

    The Golden Ring
  5. kosta

    kosta Аксакал

    Trans Siberian.

    Or even better: St. Petersburg-Moscow-Vladivostok-Harbin-Beijing. By train, naturally.
  6. Kikker

    Kikker Старожил

  7. v-a

    v-a Завсегдатай

    Друзья, вы отвечаете на вопрос робота. Первое сообщение в этой теме - обычный форумный спам. Пиарят 3btours.
  8. Valery

    Valery Старожил

    Да уж... Гугление дает 13700 ссылок с аналогичным вопросом только на "открытых" форумах.

    I would propose to freeze this topic until any further post from the author.
  9. Rus

    Rus Старожил

    true !
  10. Amenhotep

    Amenhotep Активный форумчанин

    Всем спасибо за успехи в борьбе с роботами, тема закрыта
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