Studio - wanted (Hilversum, Zandaam, Ilperdam)

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  1. Antek

    Antek Новичок

    Dear colleagues,

    In regards to a studio, a long term rent.

    Please advise available options close to Amsterdam East (Amstel station for example).

    I am looking for a furnished option, radius 10-15 km (priority), close to public transport, minimum 25m2, within price range €450-500 incl.



    P.S. Zandaam, Hilversum as an option.
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  2. devoid

    devoid Админ

    if you try hard, you might get a room for that amount
    furnished studios are in the range from 1000 and above
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  3. Antek

    Antek Новичок

    A room, with an option to register. Please advise, interested. For a tight budget is reasonable and acceptable, indeed.
  1. Antek
    From April 1st onwards (min. 6 months). Please PM.
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