russians in utrecht/amsterdam

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  1. frits

    frits Новичок

    hello, i am Frits from Utrecht and i like to meet russians from utrecht/amsterdam.
    I wonder if there are many russians living here.
  2. frits

    frits Новичок

    i forgot my email adres. here it is:
  3. Izum

    Izum Старожил

    60000 russians... hope it is enough...
  4. marshaal

    marshaal Аксакал

    Re: 60000 russians..
    in each apartment block!
  5. Aap

    Aap Старожил

    I am Russian. We live in Utrecht (Leidsche Rijn, Veldhuizen) :)
  6. frits

    frits Новичок

    ok that is close by. Are you working and if so, as what, Why/how did you come here?
  7. Anna

    Anna Аксакал

    And the next question will be:
    "Are you planning to return?"
  8. Izum

    Izum Старожил

    and the next question "how do you like it here"
  9. devoid

    devoid Админ

    If some asks me "how do you find the Dutch, in one word"?
    Then the answer will be: "predictable" :D :D :D
  10. Aap

    Aap Старожил

    Sorry, Frits, paar woorden in russisch...

    Народ, я не понимаю, почему надо сразу глумиться и подозревать человека неизвестно в чем. Спросил - ответили. Задали встречный вопрос - далее по тексту. Совсем не все голландцы идиоты и русских ищут исключительно из прикладных соображений. Давайте оттачивать остроумие друг на друге, потому что по отношению к "другим" это злобно как-то и недальновидно. :baaa:
  11. aina

    aina Форумчанин


    if you are looking for a girl, leave your message at this forum
    As far as I know there are some single girls. My be you find somebody.
  12. devoid

    devoid Админ

    I wish you were right :(
  13. Izum

    Izum Старожил

    russians are not suspicious!
  14. Izum

    Izum Старожил

    Hee Frits

    Good luck with ladies...
  15. frits

    frits Новичок

    Ok you've got me.

    I am searching to find a nice womanl who wants a serious relationship.
    Who am i, i am Frits, 35 years old from Utrecht. Good job, nice house, etc. a good and complete life except the love. I am serious, and have good intentions.

    Aap, or anyone, do you know how I can search the best. Or do yoy there is a russian club where i can mingle in, Aap, if you want we could meet or talk, we live so closeby, it is no big trouble!

    Timur and Anna, you respond a little bit cynical, why is that.

    Aina, the prikboord has mostly ads from russians in russia, do you really think it could work. I have double thoughts about this.
  16. Anna

    Anna Аксакал


    This site is created for and by Russian-speaking community in Netherlands. This is not a dating site, we do not have ads, etc. If somebody here is ready to help you out of your trouble, I do not mind, but we try to keep this stie more or less BS-free. Hence my reaction to any posts that look like they were generated by a chatbot.

    Unfortunately, I do not know about any Russian clubs coming together on regular basis... I doubt they exist here in NL.
  17. devoid

    devoid Админ

    Frits, I answered you by email, hope you got it.

    As for being cynical, you know, it's just inherently Russian trait.
    Russians are world-famous for their black humour, didn't you know already?
  18. frits

    frits Новичок

    yes a little bit. But it is ok. Thank you all for your reactions! I have had some good advice already. Ok russians are a bit cynical but helpfull too!
  19. devoid

    devoid Админ

    Guys/girls, I've just made an account for our friend Frits on, so that he could borrow from that talent pool.

    Unfortunately mamba's got no English user interface (and no Dutch one of course), and Frits' Alban... oh, I mean Russian skills are weak to put it politely... so in short it seems impossible for him to advance any further.

    Is there a kind soul in (or near) Utrecht who could meet him, and sit next to him for an hour to complete his profile? Then he'll be definitely able to succeed in his quest!
  20. microlab

    microlab Новичок

    Timur - respect!
    Жжошь! Пеши есчо!

    Last thing - just find somebody who can help him. :)
    It is ridiculous.

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