MI5 предупреждает...

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    А для тех, кто не подписан и ленится?
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    Для тех придётся нарушить этические нормы обращения с подписным контентом, над которым журналисты добросовестно трудились:

    A global Russian hacking offensive has targeted millions of computers to spy on governments and lay the foundation for an attack on infrastructure, Britain and the United States warned last night.

    Tens of thousands of devices in British homes including wifi boxes are in the sights of Kremlin-backed cyber-experts who are searching for weaknesses such as easy-to-guess passwords and expired anti-virus software.

    Security officials said yesterday that Russian hackers were seeking to find ways to sit invisibly within networks enabling them to launch a cyberattack should the order be given. Businesses have also been targeted as hackers have sought to steal intellectual property.

    In an unprecedented warning, the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre, the US Department of Homeland Security, the FBI and the White House signalled that the extent of the penetration was so deep and widespread that it had given President Putin a “tremendous weapon”.

    The public attack on Moscow’s “malicious cyberactivity” by the two allies was an attempt to deter President Putin from unleashing his full cyber-potential. It comes at a time of rising tensions between Moscow and the West after Britain, the US and France launched airstrikes on Syria, a close ally of Russia, following the suspected use of chemical weapons by President Assad’s regime. The US accused the Kremlin yesterday of blocking efforts by international chemical weapons inspectors to visit the site of the chemical attack in Douma.
    --- Сообщения объединены, 17 апр 2018, дата первого сообщения: 17 апр 2018 ---
    The alert revealed that:

    • Tens of thousands of British devices have been scanned by Kremlin-backed hackers looking for soft targets.

    • Routers, including some made by Cisco, one of the largest internet infrastructure companies, have been penetrated by Russia.

    • Hackers are sitting invisibly in networks and routers, spying on private communications and positioning themselves if needed for a wider assault.

    • Spoofing “man-in-the-middle” attacks are being conducted whereby a hacker is able to intercept messages passing between two people and delete or distort the content.

    “Once you own the router, you own all the traffic [that flows through the router], to include the ability to harvest credentials, passwords, essentially monitor all traffic,” Mr Joyce said. “It is a tremendous weapon in the hands of an adversary.”

    Russia has been targeting Britain’s networks and those of other countries for the past 20 years but this is the first time that the UK has publicised its actions so aggressively.

    Mr Putin is also using disinformation and other forms of fake news as a weapon on social media and via state-sponsored media outlets to sow dissent among countries, including Britain, as part of a goal to undermine European unity and the Nato alliance.

    Britain led a multinational move in February to blame President Putin’s military for the crippling global Not-Petya cyberattack a year ago. “Russia is our most capable hostile adversary in cyberspace,” Mr Martin said.

    The ability to control networks and household devices that connect to the internet means Russia can launch denial-of-service attacks, potentially knocking out services such as healthcare, energy supplies and water supplies.

    A British government spokesman said: “The attribution of this malicious activity sends a clear message to Russia — we know what you are doing and you will not succeed.”

    What is a router?

    The device that connects your computer and network to the internet. They often have a built-in “firewall” to stop viruses or hackers. If your router is compromised, it can allow intruders in.

    How is Russia hacking them?
    Mostly there is no hacking; the internet is scanned to find devices that offer an open goal. This includes some routers from Cisco where a system enabling remote configuration by admins can be exploited. It also includes routers that have default passwords such as “0-0-0-0” that owners have not changed, or older routers that no longer get security updates.

    Why would they do that?
    A router is a gateway into a person or organisation’s network so they can be used for espionage and to extract information. Once malicious actors have access to a network they can attack that network or use it as a springboard to attack others. That could include attacks on energy grids.

    What is a man-in-the-middle attack?
    One in which information is hacked without the sender or recipient knowing.

    Who is affected?
    Intelligence agencies say that millions of networks have been targeted by Russia.

    What can I do to protect myself?
    Home and small business users should ensure they have the firewalls on their PCs enabled, so they are not relying on any firewalls built into their router.


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    Если кратко, то "в интернете куча сетевого оборудования, которого или слабо защищено или не пропатчено на известные уязвимости (сюрприз!). поэтому bloody russkies будут всё ломать, грабить и жечь. всё".
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    Искал картинку про "Предупрежден - значит вооружен", а нашел другую. Но не могу ей не поделиться, она тоже в тему.
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    Не совсем так. Там написано, что bloody russkies уже везде проникли. Они уже сидят в каждом домашнем роутере в Англии, имеют доступ ко всем вашим данным и да, готовы всё ломать, грабить и жечь по приказу темнейшего.

    Но, британское правительство посылает чёткий сигнал - мы про всё это знаем, и ваши коварные планы не пройдут.
    --- Сообщения объединены, 17 апр 2018, дата первого сообщения: 17 апр 2018 ---
    Вообще, почему это не в разделе медицина?
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    Бюджет NHS урезали?
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    почему молчит CISCO??
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    Хайли лайкли, да (уже мемом стало).
    Дело в том, что Британия - это страна, которая вроде бы как бы с нами по технологиям, но вместе с тем навсегда застрявшая в 19-м веке в своем политическом и общественном развитии, с пережитками имперского палеолита и бременем белых людей.
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    Там что, уже стали ставить краны со смесителем а не два отдельных?
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    В некоторых особо продвинутых домах, где не платят TV license. :D
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    Думается MI5 просто нужет гарантированный бюджет на текущие расходы. У нас на работе такие корпоративные игры каждый год. Вопрос куда они они смотрели все эти 20 лет?
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    Туда же, куда и все - в ФБ, на котиков. ;)
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    Так я и говорю - с одной стороны интернет и авианосцы, с другой - два крана, палата наследственных лордов, мили/ярды и рептилоидная монархия.
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    меня интересует следующий вопрос, ziggo патчит роутеры удаленно? кто нибудь задавал им вопрос по поводу security патчей cisco?
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    ... установку в домах центрального отопления. Мобильные-масляные электронагреватели притомили, как два крана с живой и мёртвой водой.

    Забыл наушники, вступление длинное, послушаю-вспомню дома
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    Плюс общение с гос. органами строго через "какой еще такой Email?" обычную почту.

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